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Spectral is one of Athens top Production, Post Production facilities with a reputation of creative innovation.The company was established in 1982 as Film Production company with full film editing facilities for Feature films, Documentaries, Drama series, and Commercials. 

In 1990 the company expanded its activities into video and Computer Graphics. Following the technological developments throughout the years, it evolved from a full component linear editing (SONY) facility, to the most effective non-compressed on-line non-linear system ( EDITBOX F/X ), up to a complete Ultra High Definition 4K-4,5K-5K-6K RED EPIC DRAGON DIGITAL -ARRI ALEXA CAMERAS and Post. Following the evolution in Graphics area, the company started with the RODIN system (the Matisse paintbox and 3D Studio), and quickly moved up to the HAL EXPRESS, and now to Final Cut Pro, Premiere with, After Effects and Resolve. Lightwave 3D and Maya are used for Hi End 3D animation.

Spectral's core business has always been, and still is the feature films and the high end television commercials market. It is also well known for TV drama serials, title sequences, TV station promos, and trailers. The company has a broad and loyal client base, including several top Athenian production companies, TV stations and advertising agencies. However, its real source of strength lies in its talented and experienced team of operators and creative associates, always available to assist clients through every stage of the production process, from design and storyboard right up to the final product.